Specialty Coffee


Understanding the distinct qualities each bean offers on its own and combining complimentary flavors, our specialty blends are the pride of San Rafael’s roastmaster. Blending multiple bean origins together, we are able to create dozens of flavor profiles with a broad range in flavor, body and aroma. Our blends push the range of what single origins offer and open a door to new tastes and finishes. We stand behind the continuity and consistency in each of our specialty blends and constantly are working to bring you more selections.


There are only two different types of coffee bean plants found across the globe. However, not all coffee beans are the same. Depending on where coffee is grown, the variation in elevation, climate and soil, and the harvesting or processing conditions, the flavor of the bean can vary greatly. From berry and floral flavors to nutty and chocolate flavors, and a rage of tastes in between, coffee beans vary from one to the next.

At San Rafael, our single origin roasts captures the distinct and unique characteristic each region offers and gives you coffee in that bean’s truest flavor. Single origins means the flavor from crop to cup is preserved and the taste you enjoy is genuine.


Great coffee starts with quality beans. At San Rafael, we acquire our beans from only the finest farmers around the globe. We ensure each bean we purchase has been picked at the precise point of ripeness, guaranteeing the greatest flavor possible. And with a wide selection of origins to choose from, you can rest assured any type you choose will be unmatched in quality.

The roasting process for each batch is custom and tailor fit to the beans themselves. We have perfected the art and science of roasting, roasting each batch by hand and in a small capacity roaster. Our process not only enhances the individual characteristic of each bean but ensures your roast is never burnt or bitter.

After roasting, each batch is ground to brewing specification, packaged and make available to you within 24 hours. This ensures you receive the freshest coffee at the peak of flavor.

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