Espresso Machines Make the Ultimate Brew

To make the ultimate pot of coffee, it is crucial to know what kind of machine to use. Your have your typical drip machines and the old-fashioned presses and hand brew machines. Not to mention, manufacturers now offer innovative pod coffee machines, which shoot steaming water through coffee packets.

All the experts agree, though, espresso machines are for you if you want to make the richest cup. Your next question, however, is what are the techniques that experts recommend for using espresso machines.

As with regular coffee machines, your best bet with espresso machines is to grind your coffee to the proper consistency. In fact, proper grinding is tantamount when it comes to espresso.

Mixing too coarse a grind of espresso grounds will leave your finished product watery and weak. Mixing too fine a grind, on the other hand, will leave your espresso too extracted and bitter.

To get the happy medium, java junkies all agree. Use a special grinder or burr grinder with espresso machines. This will guarantee the best flavor in your espresso. A special espresso or burr grinder will work because it releases the espresso bean essential oils and tastes.

Tips and tricks for use with espresso machines

Keep tabs on your high-test java when using espresso machines by following these tips, too. First, remember that espresso should only take 15 to 20 seconds to brew in machines that have good pumps. You should see a darkish-brown foam, called crema, on top while the espresso is dripping into the cup.

Then, when all of the tasty essence of the espresso is extracted, the liquid dripping out of the filter will be a whitish-brown. That’s when you need to put a stop to your brewing process, or else you risk a funky tasting espresso.

You can tell you followed these steps correctly by measuring your finished product. A properly created espresso will be one to one and a half fluid ounces: approximately the size of a liquor shot glass, or for you kitchen experts, about a half of a small demitasse cup.

Any more, and you might have forced more water through the grounds than appropriate. In this case, espresso machines will impart a bitter taste. Hopefully, however, this advice has helped you create the perfect pour of espresso.

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