Pick the Perfect Coffee Gift Basket

You know how hard it can be to pick out clothes to give to a friend or loved one for a present. What makes you think it should be any different when you buy a coffee gift basket as a present? Actually, buying a coffee gift basket for the java junky in your life is a fantastic idea all to itself. But you can perfect the plan by choosing the types of coffee for the basket that you know they’ll love.

There are a handful of guidelines that the experts recommend for selecting the right blends for your coffee gift basket. The first guidelines is to decide what kind of coffee body your friend or family member prefers.

For instance, do they like the bottom of the pot? That means they probably like their coffee stiff. Or do they usually add less than a whole packet to their pots of coffee? That could indicate that they like their “joe” on the light side. Next, find a map.

A Map – For a Coffee Gift Basket?

Yep, take this preference to a map. You see, if you’re going to figure out the perfect coffee gift basket, you’ll need to know your geography. Different regions of the world tend to have different coffee flavors. The Central and South America continents, for example, tend to grow coffees with light-bodies, higher acidities, and sweeter flavors.

The African continent, on the other hand, offers blends with medium bodies, medium acidities, and wilder flavors. Finally, the Asian-Indonesian-Pacific continent grows the coffees with the stiff, heavy bodies, low acidities, and hearty earthier flavors.

Some examples to look for in a coffee gift basket from Central and South America, or the Caribbean, would be the delicious blends that come out of the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Brazil and Colombia also are huge coffee producers, so anything from those two countries will fit the bill.

If you want to include African varieties in your coffee gift basket, look for specific types from Tanzania and Yemen. As for Asian blends, particular coffees from Sumatra are well known for their dark roasts, as well as brews from New Guinea, Sulawesi, and Java. Whatever you choose, you will be sure to bring a smile to the face of your friend and loved one.

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